Media Cemetery

Media Cemetery


Photo provided by: Cyberfest

Photo provided by: Cyberfest

A place where you may keep a controlled version of yourself.

We cannot control our media footprint or what others would like to keep as a memory about us. But now we have a possibility not to leave it to the mercy of fate.
Media Cemetery is open for everybody and gives you the opportunity to take care of yourselves beforehand. Media Cemetery is a place where you can save your version of you.

Rules of the Media Cemetery

You can store on the Media Cemetery the following data: videos, photos, texts, animation, audio, everything that you can upload and post.You can save yourself and resave yourself on the Media Cemetery during the whole physical life an unlimited quantity of times. At the capsule of the saved, only the date of its last loading is indicated.
In case of complete media transition, the Media Cemetery administration will take those actions which correspond to the mode of your saving.

Modes of Saving on the Media Cemetery.

If you are ready to save yourself on the Media Cemetery you can choose one of the two following modes:

You can make your capsule accessible for browsing and view. In this case, it can be seen not only by the saved users but all the visitors of the Media Cemetery. You can make your capsule closed for browsing and view. If you choose the “closed capsule” mode nobody can see its content.

Visitors of the Media Cemetery will know that you are here but your capsule will be closed. After the completion of the physical biography of a saved user, the capsule will shift from the “Closed” to the “Opened” mode and everybody will be able to view its content. 

If you choose this mode of saving you have to specify for us your authorized representative.
An authorized representative must be that person which will be able to inform us about your physical death (complete media transition). After getting such information we will send you an e-mail.

If we do not receive your answer to it within 21 days your closed capsule will become opened for everybody. In case if your media transition turns to be false be so kind to contact with the Cemetery administration, please.


Media Cemetery

About the Media Cemetery Management.

If you are a Media Cemetery saved user and you would like to take part in its future, contact the Media Cemetery administration, please.

The Media Cemetery administration is open to suggestions and hopes to have assistance and support from the whole community of the saved users.


Photo: Where dogs run

Photo: Where dogs run

Media Cemetery


Network project:

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Programming and site developer: Ilya Shirshov 


2018 / St. Petersburg / Annenkirche, 11th CYFESTAnnenkirche Exhibition Project

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