It becomes increasingly difficult to distinguish good and evil today. The differentiation between good and evil is easily substituted by instrumental protection from troubles and disasters. Contemporary man lives in the era of highly technological “Middle Ages” when belief in divine or technology or anything else still appears to be a fundamental principle of a worldview. Does he want to carry a burden of differentiation between good and evil?

The main idea of our project is to transfer the functions of distinguishing between good and evil from human to robotic device. We are planning to create and implement a new kind of household appliances called “Robocenser”.


Photo: Where dogs run

Photo: Where dogs run

This device analyzes two major and popular forces that affect people: gamma rays and news. The intensity of movements and incense of Robocenser depends on the analysis of the data from gamma-radiation detectors and news. Robocenser can work in automatic mode or correlate its activity with individual user settings. For manual adjustment Robocenser has a special scale of Good and Evil so that everybody can determine what the evil is individually and also gain the ally in the personal struggle with evil in robotic device. Robocenser is a cable-suspended disc-shaped device which bears only a distant resemblance to a traditional censer. It has a heater inside with a replaceable frankincense cartridge, activated by a microcontroller.

The main parts of the device are.

1. A pendulum unit which can swing and rotate the device;

2. Four beta-gamma radiation detectors receiving radiation data from every direction;

3. A built-in Wi-Fi webserver operating on the microcontroller to receive news data;

4. A microcontroller to activate the swinging and burning of incense depending on the radiation level and news as determined by the user settings;

5. A circular base plate housing the above operating units. Robocenser is enclosed in a disk-shaped casing. The device is suspended on a bracket fixed to the ceiling. The device can be operated by a remote control with a Good-Evil rheostat.





Robotic object:

stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, cable, motors, electronics, GSM module, Geiger-Muller counters, Evaporator, incense

Programming: Sergey Mashkov


2017 / Moscow / Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art , Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

2016 / Aizpute / (Latvia) / “SERDE” Residence